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The Issels Medical Center is in the heart of Santa Barbara, close to shops, parks and the beach. The beautiful harbor of Santa Barbara, California Dr. Christian Issels discussing a patient's scans

The Issels Medical Center is an outpatient facility
providing full spectrum healthcare.

We specialize in advanced and highly individualized integrative treatment programs for patients suffering from cancer and immune diseases.

These complex diseases require a comprehensive approach, which we have developed throughout many years of extensive clinical experience.

We work with experts of all standard medical specialty fields depending on the individual patient's needs.

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"We believe it is our unique system of testing and evaluation, fine tuned and expanded over all those years, which allows us to personalize our treatment programs to an extent that was not possible before. It has enabled us to recognize and repair damage to the body's complex immune and regulatory mechanisms to an unusual depth and resulted in the positive responses of otherwise therapy-resistant cancers and immune diseases."

Dr. Christian N. Issels, ND
Dr. Walter H. Kim, MD
Dr. Walter M. Lewis, MD
Dr. Grant P. Williams, MD

Watch over 40 video testimonials

Watch over 40 Video Testimonials on our Videos or YouTube page. You can also read about our patients' experiences on our Testimonials.

What our patients say

"I found Issels as a last resort. When I came here, I was a mess...and all of a sudden I started making leaps and bounds. In my last ultrasound my 12-cm tumor completely disappeared. And all the other tumors--my abdomen was basically full of them--were more than half reduced. "
- Nicole Tupper,
Adenocarcinoma of appendix

* * *

"Doctors and nurses go out of their way to address their patients' every need and to provide help."
- Elaine Blumenkranz, Leiomyosarcoma

* * *

"My AFP Tumor marker was 4,500 and I was given 3 months to live. Within 3 weeks of Issels natural treatment it decreased to 124 and then to 65. Now one year later my doctors cannot believe how I am doing."
- Carl Swanberg, Hepatocellular Cancer, Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis C

* * *

"Dr. Issels is assisted by Dr. Walter Kim, MD and Dr. Walter Lewis MD. They aggressively treat the cancer and address the underlying causes. My PSA dropped from 12 to1.6 in 4 weeks. We learned a lot, it was a life-changing experience for me and my wife."
- Roderick Stephen, Prostate Cancer with bone metastases

* * *

"At Issels Medical Center I was empowered by the calm, compassion, love and knowledge --- and seeing very sick patients blossom and being able to walk and talk again within short 3 weeks."
- Barbara Humphrey, Leukemia

* * *

"I was very very sick when I arrived at the Issels Medical Center, after 2 weeks I could walk again and within the 4 weeks my tumor marker dropped in half. It is an absolutely amazing wonderful place."
- Lina Kirovski, Colon Cancer, Liver Metastasesz


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To speak with one of our patient advocates, we encourage you to call us at:


fill out our questionnaire and we will get in touch with you to address your concerns.

The Issels Medical Center is an outpatient facility located at 1532 State Street, Second Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, in close proximity to the major hospital, fitness centers, health food stores and a variety of restaurants. Patients from out-of-town find accommodation at special rates in nearby suite hotels meeting all preferences, or fully furnished spacious apartments with ocean view and beach access, at a rate of around $100.00 per night.

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The specialized and personalized targeted cancer vaccines are available at
the inpatient facilities.

* DISCLAIMER: The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the internal bodily environment is unique to each individual patient.


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